About us


      Nanjing Shangair Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise engaging in the rese-
arch and development, manufacturing and sales of Shangair series high-grade piston air compressor
and compressed air purification equipment. Our registered trademark is “shangair”.  

      Equipped with such patented and the latest technology as “polygon cylindrical direct-flow valve”,
our oil-free medium and high pressure piston air compressor for heavy industry use can work under environmental extremes, with such technical performance indicators as efficiency, service life, noise,
vibration and fuel consumption being better than those of foreign and domestic compressors of the s-
ame kind. It is a classic piston air compressor for heavy industry use that can run safely and continu-
ously 24 hours per day. 

      Nanjing Shangair Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd has passed ISO9001:2008international quality management system certification. This system covers the design, development and service of reciproc-
ating piston minitype air compressor, stationary reciprocating piston air compressor for general use and
oil-free reciprocating piston air compressor. We are qualified for the design, development, manufacturing
and service of various types of piston air compressors, and have received manufacturing license (license
No. XK06-110-00025, XK06-110-00577, XK06-110-00578) issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and National Industrial Product Manufacturing License Office. 

      The results of test conducted by General Machinery Production Inspection Institute, National Refrigeration Compressor Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Jiangsu Department of Science
and Technology indicates that various kinds of technical performance indicators of Shangair air compre-
ssor have reached or exceeded advanced level of international products of the same kind. 

      Our patented “polygon cylindrical direct-flow valve” and “energy-efficient reciprocating piston air compressor” has been recognized as hi-tech product. 

      Precise, modernized and advanced processing and detection equipment is the hardware basis for our high-quality compressors. Scientific and modernized quality management system ensures quality stability of our compressors. Our nation-wide sales network will provide our users with timely and professional technical support, pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service. 

      “Shangair” represents excellent reliability and least repair and features innovative technology and outstanding performance, including energy conservation, low vibration, low noise, low oil consumption and high durability. We are technically leading the way in the field of manufacturing of compressors. We make every effort to ensure that each of our compressors reaches or exceeds the world’s advanced level.   

      Nanjing Shangair Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd commits itself to supplying high-performance and high-quality piston air compressors and compressed air purification system and providing professional and high-quality service. 

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